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An independent retailer at the very heart of Saffron Walden. The Golden Butterfly has established a loyal customer base, focusing on customer service.

We are continuously meeting growing demand of new times and ideas. We have introduced a range of products such as Times, Storm and Cannibal watches and alarm clocks, magnetic bracelets and a selection of walking sticks.

1. Seasonal ice-cream, scoop, softy and impulse

2. The Natural Alternative- ACHES and PAINS-see our selection of magnetic bracelets

3. SHISHA- From HIGH LIFE HOOKAHS with a range of herbal molasses-strawberry, water-melon, chocolate fudge, peach, peppermint, melon, blueberry, apple, cherry and mixed fruit. Also Shisha-lite charcoal available.

4. Range of ZIPPO lighters, pouches, gift box, hand-warmer. Zippo wick and flints.

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